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The candidate for the degree exam presents a written presentation-type work, with elements of originality in the presentation and possibly in the contents, drawn up with the assistance of a teacher (supervisor) normally part of the three-year degree course in Mathematics. A few days before the graduation exam, the candidate presents his or her work before the graduation commission to allow for evaluation. 6 credits are awarded for the final exam.

A.A. 2023/24

  • 28 february 2024
  • 23 July 2024
  • 30  September 2024
  • 17 December 2024

The pre-graduate sessions will be communicated later and advertised on the CdS website.

A.A. 2022/23

Calendary Lauree A.A 2022/23

Session for Bachelor Degree 

  • 24 February 2023
  • 14 July 2023
  • 22 September 2023
  • 15 December 2023

The pre-graduate sessions will be communicated later and advertised on the CdS website.

RULES Please note that, in accordance with the Degree Course Regulations, the final thesis must be carried out under the guidance of a supervisor, normally part of the Degree Course.

To book for the final exam session, students must exclusively follow the online procedures on the Portale dello Studente..

➢ 5.1. How to book the final exam
The graduation booking procedure is developed according to the following steps:
The Student Graduate
1. requests the assignment of the thesis by sending the pdf to the President and to within two months prior to the opening of the appeal

2. Once the student got accepted the request of point 1), the student requests thesis assignment online from the supervisor;
3. complete the online application within the 2 months preceding the opening of the appeal and pay 2 revenue stamps;
4. pass the last exams up to 15 days before the opening of the appeal;
5. send the thesis file in pdf/a 15 days before the opening of the appeal.
The Supervisor
1. accept or reject the thesis assignment request;
2. confirmation of the thesis file 10 days before the opening of the appeal.
It is possible to move to the next session after canceling the previous application. In the event that the move involves the transition to the following academic year, payment of a new revenue stamp will be required.

Further information on the Unict student guide

Notices to undergraduates

The pre-graduate exams will usually take place in the Anile hall and the graduations in the Aula Magna Hall of DMI.

Due to the covid regulations, they could also take place online.

Graduating students who intend to transfer their thesis file or other documentation to the PC in the Aula Magna, to present them on the day of graduation, can do so in the two days preceding the same.
Special cases must be agreed in advance by calling  095 7383078

See right sidebar for some documents (in Italian). Foreigns Students will be helped by the international office and by the leader of the math course.