Departmental Computer Center

The Departmental Computer Center is an organization to supports teaching, research, and administrative activities.

The Departmental Computer Center takes care of the maintenance and developement of all informatic services of the Department. In particular

  • Infrastructure, net and connectivity;
  • Laboratories;
  • Electronic communications;
  • Web services;
  • Computer systems and support to teaching;
  • Scientific computation;
  • Software.

Services are provided from personnel in the Department (Paolo Santagati, Bruno Di Stefano, Alfonso Isinelli) in collaboration with ASI (Area dei Sistemi Informativi) and APSEMA (Area della Progettazione, dello Sviluppo Edilizio e della MAnutenzione).

The Department has 3 computer labs, which have all together about 80 workstations.

Services provided:

Request WiFi accounts on WLUCT or EDUROAM, write
Network problems on WiFi net WLUCT write
Request of an email account write
Assistence on email write