The Department

The School of Mathematical Sciences was one of the earliest at the University of Catania. The first location of the Institute of Mathematics was at the main building of the University in downtown. At the end of the second world's war the Institute of Mathematics moved in a new location sited at the last floor of the Palace of Science and changed its organization becoming Seminario Matematico.

The actual organization of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, whose acronym inside the University of Catania is DMI, was born in 1990 when the members of the former Department of Mathematics joined together with the researchers working on Computer Science. The DMI is located in the main campus of the University of Catania, named Cittadella, and has the aim of coordinating, developing and spreading the research in the fields of Mathematics and Computer Science. At the present time there are about 80 members forming the academic staff.

Inside the Department there is a Computing Center and a Library with more than 900 scientific journals and more than 70.000 scientific books. The Computing Center offers facilities for research, teaching and administrative activity. The computing labs have about 130 computer stations with various and flexible configurations and hosts a node of a computing grid arranged all over the Sicilian region and connected to the other main national and international research grids.