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Academic Year 2015/2016 - 3° Year - Curriculum Unico
Teaching Staff: Rosa Maria PIDATELLA
Credit Value: 6
Scientific field: MAT/08 - Numerical analysis
Taught classes: 48 hours
Term / Semester:

Detailed Course Content

SVD decomposition. QR fattorization. Min-square methods. Refinement of numerical solutions of linear systems by direct methods. Iterative procedures to solve sparse linear systems: matrix decomposition and Krylov methods. Preconditioning. Multigrid method.

Textbook Information

A.Quarteroni, R.Sacco, F.Saleri Matematica Numerica, Springer 1999.

G.Naldi, L.Pareschi Matlab: concetti e progetti, Apogeo 2002.

J.W.Demmel Applied Numerical Linear Algebra

L.N. Trefethen, D.Bau Numerical Linear Algebra