Seminario - Piattaforme HPC per ML e CV

Industrial Lecture in collaborazione con NVIDIA AI Technology Centre (NVAITC):

Machine Learning, Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica

Giovanni Maria Farinella

25 Maggio 2020



Piattaforme HPC per ML e CV 


The computational requirements of modern science experiments ranging from numerical simulations, deep neural networks, time series analysis to IoT used to enable a large range of applications are enormous as well as the number of technologies involved. If on one hand a single solution would not be able to address all the requirements, on the other researchers need very well integrated development environments to scale from small devices, i.e. Jetson nano cards, to large supercomputing facility for DNN training seamlessly. An appropriate use of NVIDIA solutions can significantly shorten the time required to analyse lots of data, making solving complex problems feasible.

This two-hour seminar will introduce you the NVIDIA end-to-end product family moving from fully integrated AI system to embedded devices and potential use cases.

[Speaker Short Bio]
Giuseppe Fiameni, PhD, is a Solution Architect for AI and Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA, helping researchers in optimizing deep learning workloads on High Performance Computing systems. He is the technical lead of the Italian NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence Technology Centre.

[Speaker Short Bio]
Piero Altoè, PhD, is Business Development Manager at Nvidia. Piero acts as a main contact point in Nvidia for the HPC and AI ecosystem in south Europe. He holds a PhD in computational chemistry and a master's degree in organic chemistry both from University of Bologna.