Francesco RUSSO

Professor of Geometry [MAT/03]
Office: Studio 43, III Blocco, DMI
Phone: 095 7383004
Fax: 095 330094
Web Site:
Office Hours: Tuesday from 09:30 to 12:00 a partire dal 1/9/2020; altrimenti previo appuntamento via Teams

Francesco Russo  is Full Professor of Geometry at the University of Catania, where he was hired in 2008 as Associate Professor.

From 1998 until 2008 he was Associate Professor at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco of Recife (Brazil), where he has been also the Dean of the Graduate Studies.

He has been the Chief of the Quality Presidium of the DMI and  Director of the Master in Mathematics of the DMI at UNICT. Morevoer, he regularly collaborates with the Scuola Superiore.

He is teaching in the undergraduate and master courses of Mathematics of the UNICT. For various years he also taught at the Engineering Faculty of the UNICT. He is also a member of the Ph.D. in Mathematics Program of the University of Catania, Messina and Palermo. 

His main field of research is Algebraic Geometry with incursions into Commutative and Non Commutative Algebra.

He is member of the Italian Mathematical Union (UMI) and of the  Accademia Gioenia di Catania. In February 2019 he entered in the  Editorial Board of the Birkauser/Springer journal Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics.






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                                                  SELECTED PUBLICATIONS

1) Francesco Russo, G. Staglianò,  Congruences of 5--secant conics and the rationality of some admissible cubic fourfolds, Duke Mathematical Journal 168 (2019), 849–865.

2) M. Bolognesi, Francesco Russo, G. Staglianò,   Some Loci of Rational Cubic Fourfolds, Mathematische Annalen 373 (2019), 165–190.

3) L. Pirio, Francesco Russo,  The XJC-correspondenceJournal fuer die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelle's Journal) 716 (2016), 229--250.

4) F. Russo,  On the Geometry of some special projective varieties,  Lecture Notes of the Unione Matematica Italiana, vol. 18,  Springer Verlag Berlin,  2016, pages 257,  Winner of the UMI-Springer Book Prize 2015.

5) L. Pirio, Francesco Russo, Quadro-quadric cremona transformations in low dimensions via the JC-correspondenceAnnales de l' Institut Fourier (Grenoble)  64 (2014), 71--111.

6)  P. Ionescu, Francesco Russo, On dual defective manifolds,  Mathematical Research Letters 21 (2014), 1137--1154.

7)  L. Pirio, Francesco Russo, On projective varieties n--covered by irreducible curves of degree deltaCommentarii Mathematici Helvetici 88 (2013), 715--756.

8)  P. Ionescu, Francesco Russo, Manifolds covered by lines and the Hartshorne Conjecture for quadratic manifoldsAmerican Journal of Mathematics 135 (2013), 349--360.

9) C. Ciliberto, Francesco Russo,  On the classification of OADP varieties,  SCIENCE CHINA  Mathematics 54 (2011), 1561--1575;  Volume speciale per i 60 anni di Fabrizio Catanese.

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13) C. Ciliberto, Francesco Russo, A. Simis,  Homaloidal hypersurfaces and hypersurfaces with vanishing HessianAdvances in Mathematics 218 (2008), 1759--1805.

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15) C. Ciliberto, M. Mella, Francesco Russo,   Varieties with one apparent double point,  Journal  of Algebraic Geometry 13 (2004), 475--512.

16)  A. Alzati, Francesco Russo,   Some elementary extremal contractions between smooth varieties arising from projective geometryProceedings of the  London Mathematical Society 89 (2004), 25--53.

17)  A. Simis, Francesco Russo, On birational maps and Jacobian matrices,  Compositio Mathematica 126 (2001), 335--358.

18) Francesco Russo, On a theorem of Severi,  Mathematische Annalen 316 (2000), 1--17.

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Academic Year  

Algebraic Geometry with emphasis on the classification of low codimension projective manifods, of projective manifolds covered by lines and more generally of rationally connected manifolds; secand and dual defecite projective manifodls; varieties with one apparent double point; special Cremona transformations; hypersurfaces with vanishing hessian and homaloidal hypersurfaces; rationality questions about smooth hypersurfaces of low degree, principally cubic hypersurfaces in P5.

Algebra: Jordan algebras and power associative algebras and their applications to Algebraic Geometry; Weak and Strong  Lefschetz properties for Gorenstein artinian algebras.


Seminar of Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry at the DMI

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